The best walking trails in Nicolet-Yamaska


The Parc écomaritime de l’Anse du Port
You want to admire a wonderful landscape while listening to the birds singing? The Parc écomaritime de l’Anse du Port is the perfect place for you. Located in Nicolet, it offers you a splendid view of the Lac-Saint-Pierre World Biosphere Reserve and of the St-Laurent River. The site consists of an 823 meters wooden footbridge at the end of which is a 12 meters observation tower. Located in a flood zone, the fauna and the flora in the Parc écomaritime de l’Anse du Port are varied and of unique beauty. Many rest areas are also built in the pathway where you can picnic. The site is open all year long, come and visit!
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The Boisé du Séminaire
Also in Nicolet, the Boisé du Séminaire is the first natural reserve in urban areas in Quebec. While walking the trails through the forest, you will be able to see two lakes, a large white pine belonging to the thirty-eight notable trees of Quebec listed in the directory "Forest Conservation" and four pedestals of statues that date back to time of the Académie, a literary society founded by Antoine Gérin-Lajoie. More than a century of history is here to discover!
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The Moniquois
With several trails of varying length, the Moniquois is a four-season hiking trail located in Sainte-Monique. One of the trails even runs along the Nicolet River, offering a beautiful view of it. Rest areas are located near the trails, allowing you to catch your breath and enjoy a moment to admire nature at your side. This is a site that you don’t want to miss!
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The Sentier Tolba
It is a 1.2 km trail located in Odanak, near the St-Francois River. To go to the Sentier Tolba is to immerse yourself in the Waban Aki culture in a natural environment. You can see medicinal plants, many birds and the famous tortoise "tolba". Several interpretation posters and observation infrastructures are also present to enhance your visit. It's a forest ecosystem that you must see!
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The Parc Multifonctionnel
About 4 km long, it is an asphalted track crossing the city of Nicolet. The multifunctional park is mostly surrounded by trees and fields, allowing you to admire different landscapes during your hike. Two stops are also present on the track, which allow you to rest before leaving.

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