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Beach of Port Saint-François

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Did you know that the port of Saint-François was called Pointe-au-Sable?

At least 5 to 6 boats a day stopped there to deliver merchandise and bring people to settle in the area. The port has long played an important role in the commercial life of Nicolet. It was the terminus of the main road to the south. It was named Saint-François because this road ran along the Saint-François River. Near the port, there were several houses, a hotel for travelers, a sawmill, a post office and warehouses.

In 1865, a terrible ice breakup destroyed the small village of Le Port. Large blocks of ice razed the houses and warehouses. After this disaster, the port became a place of relaxation. Now you can fish and enjoy the beach even if the water is too polluted to swim. There is also a sailing school.

People who live in the harbor tell funny stories. Here is one: one day a boat carrying medicine ran aground on the shore of the river. Some children picked up a lot of rolls of bandages on the beach and they were still good!

Today the beach belongs to the Port Saint-François campground, but is accessible to everyone. 

You can meet new people while admiring the most beautiful sunsets!

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PHOTO : Alain Rock | André Falardeau 


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