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The Tolba Trail

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The Tolba Trail is an interpretation trail featuring the medicinal plants and wildlife present in the woodlot with the central theme of the turtle or “tolba” in Abenaki. In fact, it was for the purpose of protecting this animal, which holds a predominant place in Abenaki culture, that the “turtle project” was created in 2007. Since this time, it has allowed us to obtain information on this reptile, to make arrangements for its protection and create a path allowing people to meet this animal in its habitat.

This trail is open since August 2011. The signs, which describe the area’s animals, plants and their traditional use, are removed for the winter and put back in place in springtime. This 1.2 km trail is located in the woodlot bordering the St. Francis River on the slope below the Abenaki Museum, up to the extension of rue Tolba in Odanak. It is accessible and free of charge at all times. You can also have a guided visit of the trail; for this activity, contact the Abenaki Museum.

Finally, we recommend that you bring a good insect repellent in the summer due the proximity of wetlands, where stinging insects proliferate. It is also recommended to bring binoculars to observe wildlife at a distance.

For more detailed information or to find out about a guided visit of the trail, you can contact le Musée des Abénakis d’Odanak

These projects were made possible thanks to the financial participation of the Canadian government through the Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk, Tourisme Québec and la fondation Hydro-Québec pour l’environnement.

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