Abenakis Aventure

Where to stay - Campsites


Abenaki Aventure is a resort whose objective is to highlight and promote Abenaki culture and Aboriginal culture. Located in the Abenaki community of Odanak, the Abenaki Aventure campground opened its doors in August 2021.

A stay at this campsite will allow you to live a unique experience that highlights the richness of the community and the beauty of the landscape. Camping is the ideal place to meet up with family and friends. The recreational vehicles are arranged in groups of eight in the shape of cells, which makes it possible to gather around a central core and which recalls the importance of the circle in Aboriginal culture. Each of these sites can accommodate eight recreational vehicles up to 50 feet in length (or more than eight vehicles if they are shorter) and offer access to water, electricity and sewer services.

For more information or to reserve your pitch, visit the Camping Abenaki Aventure website.

Photo credit: Abenaki Adventure